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CSS Keyframes Animation and Keyboard Controls

A New Old Way of Telling Time - Tempus Fugit

Having needed an pure javascript alternative to jQuery's $...

Load JSON file locally using pure Javascript

I spend a lot of my free time reading about web technologies and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) have been on my radar for a while...

Why are you not using SVG's?

Learning brainf*ck

Trying my hand with Illustrator

Goole Sports Therapy Illustration

May the 4th be with you top picks

Top 3 mobile OS games guaranteed to make you a social nomad

Move over Google Glass

Responsive web design vs mobile development

K Beanie Designer

Got to love PHP classes and how easy it is to make a site wide change when using them...

Transitioning from mysql to mysqli

I wrote this simple on scroll function to trigger some image swaps when users scroll down Kryptonite Dove removing the dove logo which I felt was in an annoying place and blocking content on long posts...

Simple on scroll trigger function

Searching around for an out of the box solution for syntax highlighting for my plugins I have stumbled upon highlight...

Code highlighting

Mmmm tea pigs

Kryptonite My Content is an extension of the jQuery core 1...

jQuery Kryptonite My Content

Cheltenham Festival 2013 Tipping Comp

PHP Simple OAuth for Twitter API 1.1. Installation Download the source and install on your server...

Twitter Simple OAuth class

The deception view plugin tested on jQuery 1.9.1, back tested to 1...

jQuery Deception view